What does work with Bookio brings you? Transparent calendar, reminders, statistics, overview and much more. The full-featured version is available to you for free, and for 1 month you can try advanced features like comments, in-depth statistics or customer reviews.

All reservations in a clear calendar

control, manage, delegate ...

Successful management begins with a perfect understanding of your business. Bookio allows you to see all bookings in a clear online booking calendar. You will never have reservation for two people in one time. Keep your business under control.


No more lost money because of careless customers

Mobiles are with us almost everywhere throughout the day. Thanks to the notifications do not forget birthdays or payments. Bookio. sends an email confirmation of the reservation, as well as SMS or email reminder before the reservation. Thanks to Bookio. you will not loose money and your client will not forget the reservation.

Customer reservations 24/7

be available even if you can´t pick up the phone

"""Your reservation book remains available for the interested even when your company is closed, or you are paying attention to another costumer and you can´t pick up the phone. Certainly, it will be appreciated by customers who are catching up on things in the evenings that they missed during the day. We all know it, we postpone the visit to the facility because we must call there. Dont make clients do anything, give them the freedom they will love you for."""

Paid bookings

value your time

You no longer have to worry that a client is booking an expensive or time-consuming service and will not appear. For each service you offer, you can separately activate prepay. The reservation is confirmed to the customer automatically after payment. Our payment gateway provides more payment options (Cardpay, Tatrapay, Sporopay, Vubay).

Sale of vouchers

pleasant surprises delight everyone

With Bookio you can also easily create gift vouchers or entry vouchers. No worries about graphics or printing. In addition, you will have all the information about their sales and use directly in your management profile - Bookio will automatically verify them. Guests will buy them online directly from your website, pay online, and receive vouchers immediately by email. They dont have to go for them, pay cash or make sure they dont lose them.

Reports and statistics

help with decisions

Do you want to have more information when deciding on your business? With statistics, you can find out which service is most ordered, which one is most busy, and who has earned you the most. You will also know the exact composition of permanent versus new customers, you can work more efficiently with your equipment, calculate with the most requested service or opening hours.

Collecting customer information

build relationships like Jamie Oliver

With each reservation, you´re getting contact of your customer. Your contacts are collected in one place and then you can use them for newsletters as well as for strengthening your relationship with clients. At the same time, the reservation book remembers what service you provided to the client, whether the VIP customer, a problem client or how the clients home pet is called. With this information, every customer becomes a permanent customer.

Customer feedback

the mirror of your business

Dont know how your customers perceive you? Are they happy with your new employee or not? Change it! Thanks to Bookio, you get feedback from them after every visit, which will help you improve your services and move your business forward.

Remote access for each team member

your employees will be grateful

All information is available from any device. You have a perfect overview even when youre on vacation. At the same time, your employees can view their calendar at any time and manage it as needed. You save them the time they can devote to clients rather than unnecessary administration and marking their available time and dates.

All data in a safe place

insurance, a paper book won´t give you

Your data is backed up regularly in a safe place where no one else have access to. You can retrieve your data after a year or even after more years, and you can make the most of it. You won´t throw them away at the end of a year like with the regular paper book.

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